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Christmas Recipes

The countdown has begun for lunch, dinner and Christmas Eve and we’re all finalising our Christmas Recipes. Christmas is approaching and preparations are in full swing to spend memorable days with the family for good times and good food! If you are still wondering how your Christmas Eve menu or Christmas menu will consist, such as appetizers, first courses and delicious second courses to prepare, we are here to help you with our delicious proposals to inspire you, some more laborious and others faster and easy , to prepare for holiday lunches and dinners… they will keep you company until New Year’s Eve!

  1. Christmas Appetizers
  2. Christmas Easy Lunch
  3. Christmas Starters
  4. Christmas Second Courses
  5. Christmas Sides
  6. Christmas Sweets

Christmas appetizers

There is no Christmas lunch or dinner that does not start with a Christmas aperitif and a rich table of appetizers, as good as they are beautiful to look at! If you want to focus on the scenographic effect, surprise your guests with a sumptuous pyramid of Mary Berry sausage rolls that can be stuffed with even with a vegetarian fillings… no one will be able to resist stealing a sausage roll! Or choose a classic like smoked salmon to be proposed in combination with black bread in an elegant and delicious version like a salmon cake recipe. On the other hand, if you prefer a simple but at the same time original finger food, boats with dips they are an excellent solution: by personalizing the creams according to the tastes of your guests, you will satisfy everyone with minimum effort! I love the Nando’s Red Pepper Dip and the Garlic Free Hummus.

Christmas lunch easy recipes

Anyone who cooks for many people at Christmas or on Christmas Eve knows that it means spending hours and hours preparing roasts, macaroni cake, lasagna or cannelloni, fish appetizers. However, there are many dishes for Christmas lunch that are very easy to make, without giving up a beautiful presentation and refined taste. For example, the calamarata , a first course of very succulent fish with an intense flavour. 

Christmas starters

Lasagna or cannelloni? Tortellini or cappelletti? But also a simple Mary Berry Celeriac Soup, spaghetti with clams or seafood! Every family usually has its favorite dish for these holidays, but if you are still looking for yours, we offer you a selection of recipes for all tastes: ravioli with capon broth for those who love to savor tradition, cannelloni with ricotta and spinach for those who have chosen to give up meat or conchiglioni stuffed with mushrooms, ham and béchamel for those who cannot do without baked pasta even at Christmas! Plus many other first courses of fresh pasta and more that undoubtedly deserve a place of honor on the menu of the most important lunch of the year due to their goodness.

Christmas second courses

Do you love American Christmas-themed movies? This year treat yourself to a whim and offer a Christmas must -have made in the USA at home too , the glazed ham , slow-cooked and rich in flavor nuances. If, on the other hand, you prefer local cuts of meat but don’t disdain effective presentations, follow the Wellington beef or salmon recipe and you will get a succulent dish worthy of Gordon Ramsay! For a Christmas dedicated to tradition, and within everyone’s reach, the best choice, however, is always the roast… perhaps with a creamy accompanying sauce like a milk roast , which will delight even the youngest diners.

Christmas sides

When you think of a menu, side dishes are always the most underrated dish… but not at Christmas! On this special day, set aside the classic baked potatoes for once and serve fabulous airfried potatoes instead, with an elegant and refined appearance. Or opt for a typical Sicilian fresh orange salad. What about another recipe from Campania?  The stuffed escarole is enriched with pine nuts, raisins, olives, capers and anchovies. However, don’t overlook the lentils, a classic rich and substantial side dish but also a good omen for the new year that is about to begin.

Christmas sweets

If the choice between panettone and pandoro seems too limited to you, you can give free rein to your imagination and reinterpret the tradition in your own way: we, for example, were inspired by the combination of orange and chocolate to dress up the most famous Christmas cake and create a delicious panettone stuffed with double cream and covered with icing ! Let’s not forget how creative you can be with pandoro , making pandoro stars with eggnog cream. On the other hand, if you don’t want to try homemade pandoro and panettone, you can prepare some lovely Italian peppered bread (panpepato) or the typical Christmas zeppole , but also many simple Christmas cakes!

Then there are simple wins like our delicious Chocolate Tortino, Cacao Almond Balls and Lemon Crumble Cheesecake with some cherries on top.  While for the little ones it will be worth dedicating a few minutes to decorating the brownie Christmas trees… a nice sweet on a stick that will fill their eyes with wonder. Finally, don’t forget the Befana , who with her greedy stockings closes all the holidays in sweetness!

And if you are looking for many vegetarian recipes to prepare during the Christmas period, discover our 20+ Healthy Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes!

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