Healthy Recipes

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This selected list should be the first place to look for everyday meals packed with nutrition. I firmly believe that we should make the healthiest choices most of the time. Following the 80-20 rule automatically aids for weight loss, weight maintenance, and a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Rice & Pasta

Sauces & Ragu recipes to served with the rice or pasta of your choice. Healthy grains & grain alternatives, are suggested for weight loss and maintenance

Lean Meat with Vegetables

A set of healthy meat (or vegan meat) dishes cooked and served with healthy fats and vegetables.

Nutrient Packed Fish & Seafood

A set of healthy fish & seefood (or vegan alternatives) dishes cooked and served with healthy fats and vegetables.

Healthy Sweet Treats with no added Sugars

A set of delicious but healthy sweets which satisfy your sweet tooth but can be integrated in a weight loss and maintenance diet.

Cheat Day / Weekend Recipes

Wellbeing Barista


These recipes might still be packed with nutrients but are generally loaded in carbohydrates and fats which do not make them suitable for most diet plans. However, if following the popular 80-20 rule, you’re on a maintenance diet plan, you are having guests for lunch/dinner or your diet allows cheat days you should definitely try these finger-licking recipes.


Sweet & Savoury Snacks which can are very tasty and can also be healthy if you eat a small portion

Bread & Pizza

The most amazing bread & pizza recipes which can be integrated in a healthy diet if taken occasionally in small amounts because of carb loading.


Finger licking meat recipes with marinades, sauces and suggested sides


Great desserts which are mostly still healthier than most dessert recipes you find around. I am a great fan of delicious food which won’t make you feel sick or is too hard to digest.