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Meet Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline Sciberras, author and recipe creator of https://wellbeingbarista.com where I help you taste all the indulgent, wholesome, light, fresh meals that the whole family will love while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Raised in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean, I currently reside on the island with my husband, children, and beloved dog—a busy mom navigating the joys and challenges of family life.

How did it all start?

My journey has taken me from a focus on sports nutrition to a broader understanding of the significance of wholesome foods. As I began to encounter difficulties digesting food and noticed unwanted weight gain despite following restrictive diets, I delved into the realm of holistic nutrition and remedies. Finding solace and guidance in online resources, I changed my life and made a vow to share the cause of wholesome eating without scaring people whatever their food choices. I yearned to share my genuine love for cooking at home and gathering all cherished recipes in one space. Yet, I hesitated for long to step into the spotlight, preferring to work behind the scenes. Finally, what initially started as a simple idea to streamline and share my favorite recipes blossomed into the creation of Wellbeingbarista, evolving into a guilt-free corner for nutritious cooking inspiration and holistic wellness tips.

Facing Health Struggles

Growing up, my focus on nutrition was primarily driven by my involvement in sports, where counting calories and ensuring sufficient protein intake were second nature to me. However, my understanding of nutrition was limited, and I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of wholesome, unprocessed foods. Despite being aware of dietary triggers like tomato sauce and milk aggravating my GERD symptoms, I failed to connect my diet with my overall health. Food was merely a means to fuel my athletic challenges, and its impact on my wellbeing went unnoticed.

The wake-up call came not with a single event, but with a persistent pattern of symptoms reappearing despite my attention to diet. It was then that I realized I likely had IBS. Determined to find relief naturally, I transitioned from the elimination diet to a balanced diet centered around real, home-cooked foods. While I still enjoy eating out, I’ve learned to be cautious, as restaurant food can often trigger my IBS symptoms, leading to unhappy accidents. Fortunately, both my husband and I have a passion for cooking, so we rarely need to rely on restaurants for delicious meals.

Food Philosophy

Holidays, meeting new people, and even TV shows serve as constant inspirations for me to try new dishes. I’ve always been a big fan of Asian cuisine, and I have a deep appreciation for Mediterranean flavors. Although in Malta, I’m more accustomed to British and Italian cuisines due to our history as a British colony and our proximity to Italy. However, Italy holds a special place in my heart, not only for its cuisine but also for the joy of dining out, especially in central Italy where I’ve spent a significant portion of my life.

At Wellbeingbarista, you’ll find a diverse array of nourishing dishes crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates—my friends and family being my toughest critics! In addition to my creations, I share recipes from well-known authors, offering plenty of options for every occasion. While not all recipes may align with strict definitions of healthy eating, I provide choices for restaurant-style meals or special treats for kids. I firmly believe that homemade meals surpass takeaway or store-bought options in terms of healthiness and satisfaction. My goal is to create a guilt-free space where everyone can find something to enjoy without feeling pressured to adhere to a rigidly healthy diet, as I understand the pitfalls of restrictive eating.

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So browsing through my recipes, you’ll find I enjoy treating myself with the occasional piece of cake, homemade ice cream, or street food. Deciding what to eat shouldn’t be stressful. There’s plenty of decadent healthy food that won’t make you miss anything. On my website, there are no food restrictions—all ingredients can be integrated into a healthy balanced diet. However, I advocate for using seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible and encourage trying more plant-based recipes, which I believe are extremely underrated by meat eaters and can be affordable for families. Additionally, I include family-friendly meals, ensuring everyone can share the same table.

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Living a Healthy Happy Life

Nothing is more fulfilling than having you spend time cooking recipes on my websites.

With countless recipes scattered across the internet, I’m truly grateful for your trust in mine. Each recipe is the result of lots of testing and trying things out in my kitchen until I get it just right. I’m constantly experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to make sure each dish is as delicious and satisfying as possible. I take pride in exploring new trends so that you can dive straight into delicious, tried-and-tested dishes without hesitation

I’m always happy to see you here, but more importantly, I wish you a life filled with happiness and wellbeing.

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