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Jamie Oliver Mediterranean | New 5 Ingredients Cookbook!

Recipes: Over 125 Cuisine: Mediterranean
Author: Jamie Oliver. Released: August 2023

Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients Mediterranean

Step into the Mediterranean with Jamie Oliver’s latest culinary masterpiece, 5 Ingredients Mediterranean. This delightful sequel takes everything you adored about the first book and adds a dash of Mediterranean magic, inspired by Jamie’s lifelong adventures in the region.

What is Jamie Oliver’s Mediterranean cookbook?

Inside, you’ll discover over 125 delectable, fuss-free recipes that will infuse your everyday cooking with excitement and transport you to sun-soaked shores. No more daunting grocery lists or endless hours of cleanup – it’s all about creating incredible flavors with minimal ingredients.

Why you’ll love it

  • A whopping 65% of the recipes are either meat-free or designed to reduce meat consumption, all while delivering those bold, mouthwatering Mediterranean tastes.
  • Explore chapters like
    • Salads
    • Soups and Sarnies
    • Pasta
    • Veg
    • Pies and Parcels
    • Seafood
    • Fish
    • Chicken and Duck
    • Meat and Sweet things

Jamie Oliver Mediterranean Recipes

This cookbook is a true celebration of the Mediterranean’s heroic flavors and ingredients, offering quick and easy recipes to infuse your everyday cooking with excitement. Say goodbye to culinary monotony and let Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients Mediterranean guide you on a flavorful journey like no other!

Indulge in dishes like:

  • Tender smoky aubergine,
  • Epic prawns & beans,
  • Rogue ratatouille risotto,
  • Sizzling squid,
  • Island salad,
  • Herby steak & crispy potatoes,
  • Easy fig tart, and
  • Jools’ chocolate dreams.

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