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Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

Did you ever dip toast soldiers into the perfect runny yolk? It's perfect for a Sunday lazy morning, and any ...
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Salmon and White Fish Chowder

The Salmon and White Fish Chowder recipe is our family favorite for wintery Thursday nights when we usually eat fish ...
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Ribs in Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce

Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce is one of the riches sauces you'll ever taste. This Whiskey-spiked BBQ sauce is traditional of ...
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Chocolate Tortino

Jump to Recipe or Nutritional Information The Tortino al Cioccolato or coulant is a warm chocolatey goodness in the form ...
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Breads & Pizza

Focaccia Barese

Jump to Recipe or Nutritional Information Today, I feel like sharing with you one of the tastiest dishes I have ...
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Mediterranean Island Beach

Secluded Mediterranean Islands

The Mediterranean sea boasts more than 200 islands with thousands of beaches. Albeit, finding a peaceful spot on the beach ...
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Healthy Recipes

Healthy Meals & Snacks Are you ready to reach your health goals? If you are short of ideas, you can ...
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Healthy Snacks for Kids

We all strive to give the best example to our kids from an early age. Feeding our kids healthy snacks is an ...
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Snapshots with Nikon D5500 and Sigma 18-300mm Lens

In this article, I will provide some basic results using the Nikon D5500 Digital SLR Camera and the Sigma 18-300mm ...
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