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Barista Smoothies, Juices & More Drinks

by Caroline Sciberras

Our Barista SmoothiesFreshly Pressed JuicesFrappes, Teas, and Lattes have it all. Discover a world of barista smoothies, juices, and a wide variety of cold and hot drinks beyond your wildest imagination. Try to kick off a new day with our anti-inflammatory Turmeric Latte, a Boba Milkshake as a mid-morning snack, and Greek Yogurt Banana Pudding as an evening sweet treat. The secret is to use Fresh, Organic, and Wholesome ingredients in every cup.

  • Our Whole Fruit Barista Smoothies will satisfy the needs of those who look for healthier options or follow a particular diet. Our Wellbeing Barista Smoothies are outrageously good and perfect when your sweet cravings kick in. You can create and modify the recipes with endless tips and enjoy whatever you desire! These recipes will satisfy your cravings and help you lose weight.
  • Don’t use anything but fresh ingredients – use only Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, the finest coffee blends, greek yogurt, and milk without any added sugars, and never use any ready-made juice or mix! It is always Wholesome & Fresh!
  • If possible use cold-pressed juicers for fresh juices. I also suggest investing in a high-rated blender that assures the smoothest results.
  • This space wouldn’t be called Wellbeing Barista if we didn’t show you how to do our signature Frappes and Iced Lattes.  

Orange/Red Smoothies, Drinks & Juices

Beetroot Juice


Green Smoothies, Drinks & Juices

Green Juice


Pink/Purple Smoothies, Drinks & Juices


White/Yellow Smoothies, Drinks & Juices