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Shift Workplace Dynamics in the Wake of Coronavirus

by Caroline Sciberras
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Looking back at what happened 10 years ago when the world went to a great recession, we all know the downside it brought with it. However, few of us know that many new ideas and start-ups emerged during that recession. Most noteworthy to mention are Airbnb, Pinterest, Uber, and Slack.

Similarly, we are soon expecting to face another recession as a result of this pandemic. Consequently, how are we going to emerge from the ashes left by the spread of the Coronavirus? Specifically, are we going to shift workplace dynamics in the wake of Coronavirus? 

Tech Companies

Tech employers who have never been pro remote work have started to test the possibility as a precaution. Two weeks later, with more than a million affected persons, almost every tech company is working partly or completely remotely.

It’s funny that companies are discovering the advantages of work from home. Every company strives to find new talents but very few ever considered giving any flexibility to employees. Those “pioneers” who let their employees work partially or completely from home now stand a better chance of continuing with “business as usual” without useless panic! 

Brick and Mortar Shops

Moreover, brick and mortar shops who were forced to close or to limit the customers entering the door have faced a major challenge in decades.  Consequently, those shops which already had in place an online shop needed to perfection their system since the number of online deliveries has increased drastically. Likewise, the others have reinvented themselves and are accommodating their customers by ordering using WhatsApp, Messenger or through a phone call and paying in cash or Revolut


Likewise to shops and companies, many people have always criticized alternative schooling methods such as homeschooling and unschooling. In short, the main concerns were:

  • that most parents are unqualified and therefore cannot give adequate education to their kids.
  • that kids do not have the experience of a classroom missing the whole friends’ experience.

Unfortunately, in the wake of Coronavirus, this has found many schools and families unprepared. In contrast, private schools have found ways and means of keeping up with the lessons and sending a weekly schedule to the parent.

How come in 2020, we are still finding it difficult to give lessons and homework remotely via emails and videos? Many sick students during the year could actually benefit from this and not only now that we’re scared of COVID-19!


I prefer to think that this pandemic will finally have a bittersweet ending. Yes, as recent history has shown us we will face a long recession, many will lose their jobs, others will find it difficult to keep up their businesses. But in the end, having adapted to the greatest recent pandemics will make our lives more flexible. As a result, we might finally change the standard 9-5 office hours which makes little sense in this era of online services.

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