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Homegrown Organic Tomatoes

In this article, we’ll see how easy it is to produce homegrown organic tomatoes.

The tomato is one of the most popular fruits on earth. Yes, tomatoes are fruits! Living on a Mediterranean island, being blessed with sunshine makes it easy to grow a wide range of produce. Basil, mint, parsley, peppers, and of course tomatoes are a few of the most common crops that people grow in their own backyard or terrace. Recently it is getting more common for people to go for organic produce, and what is a better way than growing your own organic crops?

It all starts with some seeds. To have a constant supply of tomatoes without having to buy them from a supermarket, you need at least 10 plants. There are enough seeds in a single cherry tomato to grow much more than that.

Use the seeds from a ripe tomato, and spread them evenly in a wide pot. Water them regularly, and don’t leave the pot to dry completely. After a week, you should see the seeds sprouting. In a couple of weeks, the plants should be big enough to carefully remove from the first pot, into a pot of their own.


When the plant reaches 15cm of height, it is ready to be moved into a new pot. Be careful not to damage the roots of the small plant. I suggest using a soft compost when originally planting the seeds. The softer the material, the easier it will be to transplant the plants with the least root damage.





Once in its dedicated pot, the plant will grow at a faster rate. It is very common to notice that after the transplant, the leaves look like lowered down while the plant is in the sunshine. Just keep the plant in the shade for a week or two, and eventually, it will be capable again to stand direct sunshine throughout the day. Tomatoes love sunshine and prefer to stay in it all day.



After roughly a month, but this will vary depending on how rich the soil is, you will start seeing tiny yellow flowers. It is time for the plant to bear its fruit. There are different products that one can use to give the tomato plant more nutrients. One such product is the highly rated Green Future Organic Tomato Fertiliser. Always follow the product’s instructions. In order to produce homegrown organic tomatoes, make sure you use organic products when it comes to feeds.



The flowers will eventually dry and you will find small tiny green tomatoes in their place.






After some weeks they will start changing color, into an impressive red. Enjoy your tomatoes newly harvested organic tomatoes!


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