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Best Coffee Machines for Office to Boost Office Culture in 2023

Raise your coffee game by investing in a good office coffee machine choosing from a barista-style coffee machine to a more compact and easy-to-use capsule system. It not only saves money but you can also witness the positive transformation it can bring to your workplace.

We all dream of making barista coffee, but let’s be real – it’s trickier than it seems. Should you go for a pod or an espresso machine? And which brand is the way to go – Nespresso, Smeg, or Jura? Do you need a built-in grinder? Espresso machines start at £50, but they really shine over the £200 mark. On the flip side, pod coffee machines are wallet-friendly, but don’t forget the pod cost and the eco angle of disposing of them. So scroll on down to din our own picks on our quest to find the best coffee machines this year.

The best coffee machines of 2023, at a glance

Why coffee is so important at work?

Happiness in a Cup Coffee is more than just a pick-me-up; it can elevate mood. Studies show that regular coffee drinkers are 20% less likely to be depressed, thanks to the release of dopamine in the brain—the “happy drug.” This boosts happiness and contentment, which can only enhance your workplace.

Rewarding Hard Work while Enhancing Productivity: Adding new and exciting elements in shared spaces fosters a positive work environment, and a coffee machine can significantly improve the current coffee routine. A daily trip to a coffee shop can quickly become an expensive habit. Offering delicious coffee in-house saves employees money and reduces the need for “coffee runs” to local cafes. Ultimately, having the opportunity to drink good coffee at the office not only delights your team but also encourages them to stay on-site, connect with colleagues, and create a more vibrant atmosphere.

Energy Boost while Encouraging Regular Breaks Coffee’s caffeine kick is renowned for jumpstarting mornings and keeping people alert throughout the day. A well-placed coffee machine lets employees take short breaks, enjoy coffee, and even get some fresh air. Encouraging coffee breaks fosters a happy and productive atmosphere where colleagues bond over a cup.

I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.

Louisa May Alcott

What to look for in a coffee machine for the office?

Coffee types: Take into account the coffee preferences of your employees, including those who may prefer tea or milk tea. Ensure the machine can accommodate various beverage options. If you choose a pod coffee machine you can offer standard espresso pods to be used by everyone while also giving employees the chance to buy their favourite pods and drink iced tea, latte and hot chocolate as they prefer.

Usage and Capacity: Consider the number of employees and their coffee consumption rate. Opt for a machine that can handle the volume needed, and consider single-cup machines for smaller offices and high-capacity options for larger workplaces. Some coffee machines also come with different hardware and add-ons where you can have an in-built milk frother or steam wand to make lattes and cappuccinos.

Maintenance and Durability: Instead of looking for aesthetics and design, you should definitely prioritize machines that are easy to maintain and built to last, as regular upkeep is crucial for machine longevity and coffee quality. Check for a good warranty and responsive customer support to ensure long-term cost savings and assistance when needed. Ideally, there should be someone who ensures that the machine is good to use every morning and reports any issues timely to avoid damaging it.

Ease of Use: Choose user-friendly machines with intuitive controls to avoid frustration and save time for your employees. In an office environment, it’s imperative to have a machine that doesn’t require employees to read a whole manual before using it or requires long waiting times to use it after switching on.

Budget: Set a budget covering the initial machine cost and ongoing operating expenses, including coffee beans, maintenance, and accessories.

Best overall coffee machines for the office

Sage Barista Touch Impress

Best for: Authentic barista experience, great for beginners
Coffee type: Bean-to-cup
Water capacity: 2L
Size/Weight: ‎33.1 x 33 x 41.7 cm/10.2 Kilograms
Price: From £1,190
Form: Brushed Stainless Steel with Coffee Grinder

The Barista Touch Impress comes with a substantial price tag, but for those with a genuine passion for coffee, there’s no need to feel guilty. Beyond its striking appearance, it boasts a plethora of smart features that justify its premium cost.

Equipped with a built-in touchscreen, it expertly guides you through the coffee-making process, meticulously selecting the ideal grind size and applying a precise 22lbs of tamping pressure with a seven-degree twist, emulating the techniques of skilled baristas. Moreover, its milk frothing system is highly advanced, allowing you to choose from dairy, oat, or soy milk options. This flexibility proves invaluable, as different milk types can require varying temperatures due to their protein and fat content. In sum, it seamlessly blends style and functionality, ensuring it will consistently deliver perfect brews for years to come

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Best for: Best pod coffee machine under £100
Coffee type: Pod machine
Water capacity: 1.7L
Size/Weight: ‎42.6 x 13.6 x 25 cm; 3.5 Kilograms
Price: From £99 (£59 with discount)
Form: Coconut white with Coffee Grinder
Size: ‎33.1 x 33 x 41.7 cm; 10.2 Kilograms
Pressure: ‎15 bar
No of cups: ‎One
Milk frother: ‎No

The Vertuo Plus is a compact coffee machine that effortlessly produces freshly brewed coffee featuring a delightful natural crema. Its one-button operation makes it one of the simplest coffee machines available, and it also offers automatic capsule ejection and a movable water tank for added convenience. If you prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach to pod-brewed coffee and don’t require all the extra features, this machine will meet your needs admirably.

With a variety of colour options available, you can infuse a touch of personal style into your coffee brewing experience. Plus, you have the flexibility to diversify your coffee choices by exploring a range of compatible coffee pods. Originally priced at £99, it’s currently available at a discounted rate of £59 on Amazon.co.uk

Coffee Variety: Nespresso offers a variety of coffee and tea options in capsule format. It’s suitable for both coffee and tea drinkers.
Maintenance & Durability: Maintenance is easy, primarily involving capsule disposal and regular descaling. Nespresso machines are generally reliable.
Easy to Use: These machines are known for their simplicity, with one-touch brewing.

Nespresso Gran Lattissima

nespresso gran lattissima

Best for: Best all-round pod coffee machine
Coffee type: Pod machine
Water capacity: 1.3L
Size/Weight: 367 x 203 x 274 cm/6.94 Kilograms
Price: From £419 (£359 with discount)
Form: White with Milk Frother
Pressure: ‎19 bar
No of cups: ‎One
Milk frother: ‎Yes

The Gran Lattissima offers versatility without unnecessary complexity or fuss, thanks to its built-in milk frother that can prepare various coffee types with just a single button press.

Coffee Variety: The Nespresso Gran Lattissima caters to a wide range of coffee preferences with its capsule format, making it suitable for both coffee aficionados and tea enthusiasts.

Maintenance & Durability: Keeping the Gran Lattissima in top condition is a breeze, requiring minimal effort such as disposing of used capsules and periodic descaling. Nespresso machines, including the Gran Lattissima, are known for their robust and reliable performance.

Easy to Use: With its one-touch brewing functionality, the Gran Lattissima exemplifies simplicity and user-friendliness, ensuring a hassle-free coffee brewing experience

Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

Best smart app-controlled coffee machine: Melissa Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

Best for: Best smart app-controlled coffee machine
Coffee type: Bean-to-cup
Water capacity: 1.8L
Size/Weight: ‎25.9 x 46.7 x 37.2 cm/10.4 Kilograms
Price: From £1,259 (£729.00 with discount)
Form: Silver with Grinder
Pressure: ‎15 bars
No of cups: ‎Two
Milk frother: ‎Yes

Coffee Variety: The Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine offers a diverse selection of coffee options, all in the convenience of a capsule format. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a tea lover, this machine caters to a wide range of preferences.

Maintenance & Durability: When it comes to upkeep, the Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine makes life easy. Maintenance primarily involves capsule disposal and routine descaling, ensuring your machine stays in optimal condition. Melitta machines, including the Barista TS Smart, are renowned for their durability and reliability.

Easy to Use: Simplicity reigns supreme with the Barista TS Smart. With one-touch brewing and user-friendly features, this coffee machine streamlines the brewing process, making it accessible to all coffee enthusiasts.

Jura E8 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Best for range of coffee options: Jura E8 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Pros: 17 drink options
Cons: Very expensive

Best for: Range of coffee options
Coffee type: Bean-to-cup
Water capacity: 1.4L
Size/Weight: ‎23.11 x 23.11 x 23.11 cm/12.3 Kilograms
Price: From £2,589.00
Form: White
Pressure: ‎15 bar
No of cups: ‎Two
Milk frother: ‎Yes

The Swiss coffee aficionados at Jura have once again made a remarkable entry with the relaunch of their E8 bean-to-cup coffee machine. This impressive machine offers a choice of 17 preset drinks, which is two more than its predecessor, ranging from macchiato to cortado and everything in between. This means you can say goodbye to frequenting your local hipster cafe.

Featuring Jura’s signature innovations, including the exclusive “Pulse Extraction Process” for optimal flavour extraction and convenient smartphone app controls, the E8 also introduces “3-D brewing technology,” ensuring water flows uniformly through the coffee grounds. With the E8, you can enjoy barista-quality coffee at the press of a single button, all while adding a stylish centrepiece to your kitchen. Although it comes at a premium price starting from £1,295, the investment is undoubtedly justified.

Coffee Variety: Jura E8 presents a diverse selection of coffee options for the discerning palate. With its range of coffee choices, this machine caters to coffee enthusiasts and tea lovers alike, all in a convenient and user-friendly format.

Maintenance & Durability: When it comes to upkeep, the Jura E8 simplifies your routine. Maintenance typically involves easy tasks like disposing of used coffee grounds and regular descaling. Jura machines are renowned for their robust construction and long-lasting performance, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Easy to Use: The Jura E8 excels in user-friendliness, offering a hassle-free coffee brewing experience. With one-touch brewing and intuitive features, this coffee machine streamlines the process, making it accessible and convenient for all users.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Best drip coffee maker: Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Best for: Best drip coffee maker
Coffee type: Drip coffee maker
Water capacity: 1.3L
Size/Weight: ‎‎34.29 x 17.15 x 36.2 cm/ 3.63 Kilograms
Price: From £666
Form: Black
No of cups: ‎Eight
Milk frother: ‎No

The Ratio Six stands out as a beautifully crafted coffee maker, showcasing exceptional build quality. Although it may not offer the extensive features and programmability found in some other coffee brewers, it excels where it truly matters – in delivering a superb cup of coffee. With the Ratio Six, you can effortlessly brew a remarkable pot of coffee at the press of a single button.

Coffee Variety: The Ratio Six Coffee Maker provides coffee enthusiasts with a range of brewing options, ensuring a diverse and satisfying coffee experience. It caters to various coffee preferences, making it a versatile choice for both seasoned coffee lovers and those who enjoy a cup of tea.

Maintenance & Durability: Maintaining the Ratio Six Coffee Maker is a straightforward process, mainly involving the disposal of used coffee grounds and periodic descaling. This coffee maker is known for its reliability and robust construction, ensuring it will serve you well for an extended period.

Easy to Use: The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is celebrated for its user-friendly design, simplifying the coffee brewing process. With one-touch brewing and intuitive features, it streamlines the experience, making it accessible to all coffee enthusiasts.

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