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Are We Reaching Our Goals This Year?

Year by year we draft lists of milestones to complete or achieve for the New Year. Unfortunately, we tend to forget about reaching our goals after the first month!

Personally, I prefer to list all the milestones I achieve throughout the year on a monthly basis. Additionally, I love highlighting fervently the first time experiences. By looking at all we achieve in a year is a good prospect of what we can achieve in the coming year.

Most of the time, we are just happy to write down our milestones as we feel already a sense of achievement. In reality, by April each year, we would have even forgotten most of the items on the list. We only remember the importance of reaching our goals at the end of the year with a feeling of resentment.

In contrast, jotting down first times and achievements is one way how to work towards our real objectives. In the end, the things on which we remember and work every day are really the things that matter most to us. Additionally, every month I really look forward to adding something to the list!

First-time Experiences

As mentioned, I tend to list also the first time experiences and divide them into sections: travel, food, experiences, courses, work, personal life, and so on! You can add events such as the first time you got hired or even fired. In time, even getting fired can be regarded as a fruitful experience. So how about a second child, should we omit that? Certainly not as it still can be considered as the first time having a second child ๐Ÿ™‚ Easy isn’t it?

Getting Rid of the Unused

Another thing I find therapeutic before starting a new journey is getting rid of the dust, of the laundry, of any unused items to start from fresh. This also gets into my list of monthly achievements.

Is it Fear or Procrastination?

What about trying to finish those tasks which we never started because of fear or procrastination? Reaching our goals can be as simple as cooking a new dish or turning a box room into a kids’ play area. Also, if you have to start something new then why don’t you start immediately? Probably, it’s better to risk something when we have little expectations rather than waiting for the new year and forgetting about it.


This year I am celebrating the smallest of the accomplishments and take small steps forward forgetting what could have been done and looking at the future.

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