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Types of Eggs for Breakfast

Why eggs for breakfast?

Eating eggs for breakfast is a prevalent tradition amongst American and British breakfasts. In other countries such as Italy, they might be familiar with this tradition only through movies and TV series. The idea of ​​eating salty food for breakfast, and in particular eating eggs, does not please those who are used to a sweet breakfast. Kids or people who as a child were accustomed to the classic milk with biscuits or cereal don’t understand the use of eggs in breakfast and. brunch.  

Therefore, the savory breakfast, specifically egg-based, is not necessarily an extravagance of this or that people, rather it is an approach endowed with the same dignity as the others. I’ll tell you more, it actually makes a lot of sense from a nutritional point of view, and even more sense than a breakfast of milk, biscuits, coffee, croissants, and brioche. The reason lies in the nutritional properties of eggs, which are better than you can imagine. Many eat eggs for breakfast to lose weight. True or not they give energy and sprint so much that some eat eggs for breakfast every day.

Of course, in theory, we are all used to thinking that eggs are good for you. What we don’t know, or what doesn’t belong to common sense, is that eggs are among the most complete foods ever. In fact, if you exclude carbohydrates, which are absolutely lacking, they provide everything you need to start the day right. They contain proteins, from good food of animal origin, vitamins, and mineral salts in abundance.

The multiple nutritional properties of eggs

As we have seen, it is really worth dwelling on the nutritional properties of breakfast with eggs. As far as proteins are concerned, there are an average of 15 grams per pound. A remarkable percentage, if you consider that fresh meat has around 20. Eating eggs for breakfast is mostly recommended in many diets because of the high presence of proteins, which are generally scarce in Italian breakfasts.

In terms of vitamins, it has a high presence of vitamin D should be noted. This substance, rare in nature (apart from milk and fatty fish) performs a support function for the immune system. Vitamin A is also present, which is good for the eyes and skin. In addition, high doses of vitamin E are present.

The recipes for eating eggs differently every day

Let’s start with the most classic recipes on how to eat eggs for breakfast, the ones that everyone knows and has tried at least once in their life. Many of these are considered evening meals in Italy, but they can also be made for breakfast. Now let’s see what to do with eggs for breakfast.

boiled eggs

Soft-boiled eggs. It is probably the most famous egg recipe ever, also because it is the simplest. In fact, just boil the whole egg, as it is, for a few minutes. However, it is important to stop cooking immediately, so as not to end up with a hard-boiled egg. An egg for breakfast every now and then is also part of our culture.

Fried Eggs on Toast

Fried eggs. Another very simple recipe consists of cooking “open” eggs in a pan with hot oil or butter. In their basic version, they are called “ox eye”, as the yolk, which remains creamy and thick, takes the shape of an eye.

The poached eggs. It is a classic preparation, but not very simple to make. In fact, some manual skills are required. The egg must be cooked in slightly acidulated water and “stirred” to create a vortex. Through particular chemical processes, the albumen solidifies while the yolk remains very creamy.

From scrambled eggs to crepes

The scrambled eggs. It’s another simple and almost trivial way to start the day it involves opening the eggs, beating them, and cooking them in a pan as if you were preparing an omelet. Everything must be done without or with a little oil, and stirring constantly. They can be enriched with foods based on meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Healthy Pancakes with Yogurt and Berries

The crepes. This food requires no introduction whatsoever, in fact, it is well known and appreciated everywhere. The dough is quite composite but still requires a strong presence of eggs. The crepe can also be salted and seasoned with cheese or sausages. They can also be sweet and served with yogurt, strawberries, and maple syrup.

The omelets. A French preparation that has also become a permanent part of the Italian culinary tradition. It resembles an omelet, but concerning this one it is cooked more on one side than the other, and above all, it is rolled around a filling. 

The most suggestive recipes of eggs for breakfast

Turkish Menemen

Here I present some “sui generis” recipes to understand how to use eggs for breakfast, which are not part of the Italian tradition. However, they are easy and quick, as they are suitable for all breakfast recipes.

  • Avocado toast. It is a particular recipe, which features avocado cream, a spreadable cheese, and scrambled eggs, which are used here as a condiment. 
  • Croque Madame. It is a French recipe that consists of sandwich bread stuffed with sausages, such as cooked ham and cheese. It is enriched with a fried egg. It is very tasty, caloric, and with excellent nutritional value, for this reason, it deserves to be eaten for breakfast.
  • Eggs Benedict. It is a British recipe, which is very similar to our poached egg, if it were for nothing else the eggs are served on slices of toasted and buttered wholemeal bread, often enriched with intense sauces.
  • Cottage cheese pancakes. They are a particular variant of pancakes in which cottage cheese is used instead of milk. There are various healthy alternatives around that taste good but are lighter. As for the dressing, you can proceed “American style” (therefore with maple syrup), or Mediterranean style (with melted butter and jam).
  • The omelet with egg whites. It is an alternative omelet as it is made only with egg whites, which makes it very soft, light, and almost dietary. The recipe is also enriched with tomatoes and courgettes, placed directly in the beaten egg after a short cooking.

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