Recipes Bread Breads & Muffins


by Caroline Sciberras

Patience and skill are two fundamental qualities when it comes to preparing breads and muffins that need the dough to leaven. But don’t be scared – once you see the results you will be happy to wait a little for freshly baked products.


With these recipes you will really have to get your hands in the dough and get busy, working the dough carefully: with a pinch of good will you don’t have to be a baker to prepare these doughs, and gather experience to start cooking tasty and irresistible food.

Who could resist the taste of a homemade pizza, a special fragrant bread or a soft focaccia rich in ingredients? And then there are also many other recipes of savory pies, of rustic classics such as the Danube, of traditional regional dishes such as Neapolitan pizza or focaccia from Bari, of international dishes such as pita bread typical of various areas of the Mediterranean. For those who love sweetsThen, there is certainly no shortage of delicious ideas: here you will find recipes for muffins, plumcakes, brioches with many delicious toppings, and then again pancakes, krapfen, croissants, panettone, pan pepato and pandoro and so on.

In short, there really is something for everyone and for every occasion, from birthday parties to romantic dinners: you just need to get involved, prepare the ingredients, roll up your sleeves and knead the dough!

What is special about breads and muffins?

Most of these recipes have use water, flour and yeast and then we add salt, fat, vegetables or cold cuts to create savory dishes, or sugar and creams in the case of desserts. It usually involves 3 Steps:

STEP 1: MIXING using a mixer or your hands

STEP 2: LEAVENING during a resting phase of the dough according to the recipe. The secret is in choose the right yeast.

STEP 3: BAKING permanently evaporating the carbon dioxide in the dough giing us alveolation – those tiny little holdes that determines the lightness and softness of our bread and muffins.

Bread, Pizza, Pies and more…

Summer is the perfect time to gather outside with friends and family and enjoy tasty, fresh, and light summer recipes. Here you will find antipasto ideas, pasta, salads, meats, sides, and plenty of light and quick desserts.